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Purple City Disco is a 5 Piece funk and RnB band from Edmonton AB ,that consists of Conor Wall(vocals), Karina Farina(keyboards/vocals), Melvin Kratky(guitar), Peter Joshua(drums) and Scott Love(bass)

Purple City Disco’s live performances are renowned for their high energy and crowd engagement. With infectious guitar riffs, old school funk rhythm with a classic disco flavor and captivating melodies and vocals that keep you on the dance floor all night long

In the last 2 years PCD have opened up for and shared the stage with such notable artists as Boney M. , Five Alarm Funk, Electric 6, The Brasstactics, Carter & The Capitals, Apollo Suns &  FKB and have performed at JUNOFest Week, Inter.Sect Music Festival and VIBES.

Purple City, the group’s local homage to an Edmonton urban legend, can be seen at night if you stare into the floodlights long enough at the legislative grounds. If you know, you know. But what about the DISCO ?

“Keeping Disco in the name was important.” Says Scotty Amos the band’s bassist who goes by stage name Scott Love. “It was influential to our writing and image, but for us Disco was never purely about a sound, but a vibe. Disco is that place that everyone wants to be at, dancing and having a great time.”

The group, which first debuted in 2018 & was formed by Love, Kratky original drummer David Blouin. The band would soon solidify it’s lineup by adding lead vocalist Conor Wall and classically trained keyboardist and supporting vocalist Karina Farina.

The original lineup would go on to record 2 singles and a live music video but after the pandemic and a temporary hiatus, a fresh start was needed for PCD.

In early 2022, the band and Blouin parted ways and the search was on for a new stick man. PCD would officially announce Peter Joshua as their new drummer in April 22′ and would make his debut as Purple City Disco opened for the notorious Electric 6 at The Starlite Room in late April and it’s been forward motion ever since.

“I think when we added Peter, it really just took our live performance to the next level. His touring experience goes way beyond anything the 4 of us have done in the past, and we are just really grateful to have him on board with us going forward.” says guitarist and lead riff writer Melvin Kratky.

Heavy influenced by Funk and RnB, the bands sound has evolved over the years yet still manages to include, as keyboardist Karina Farina puts it “a few musical surprises”. Always working to push forward the band strives to bring a captivating experience to live audiences with each performance more memorable than the last.

The bands latest single “Rent Free” which was recorded with Brett Reid at Red Bear Records Studio . Reid also produced Purple City’s  first two singles “Moonsugar” and “Could It Be You” released in 2021. PCD is back in the studio at RBR and working on wrapping recording for the bands first full length album set for release in Summer of 2024

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